Rates for recording time start at $55 per hour.

Block Rates

Discounted rates for block time purchases are available for blocks of ten or more hours. Block time is paid in full before recording begins. Additional blocks can be purchased as a project progresses or is lengthened.


Rates for pre-production/planning hours are less, and may vary based on total time and personnel required. (i.e. if we have to involve a music arranger for strings, horns, etc. to chart or score the parts)


Artwork time is charged at the same hourly rates, by the page, or by the project, and is dependent upon time, complexity, and involvement of other persons. Photography, when needed, is priced based on a session charge for shooting photos and and a charge per photo you will use. You will have rights to your chosen photos when the project is finished.

Private Lessons

Instruction/lesson time is $30 per hour.