All kinds, all music types. Musicians, singers, songwriters, bands, storytellers: We can help you with your recording project. We can record any and all sounds you can make, and do it well, using our professional grade microphones, pre-amps, and other equipment, including Pro Tools, the world's top digital recording system.


This step is almost always performed after the recording of all your sounds is complete. The process involves blending of all the instruments, voices, or other sounds, into a cohesive mix. This is done to your liking and approval. For many music projects, Mastering would be the next step.


We can supply your project with producing and writing talent if needed. In addition, we can obtain the services of professional musicians, singers, and voice-overs (announcer/narrator) should you require any of those services.

Audio/Video Transfers

We can copy your existing audio or video to CD or DVD. For instance: Records to CD, cassette to CD, VHS video to DVD, 1/4" tape reel to CD.

Live Audio Production

We own and operate live audio sound support (PA) systems. Hourly and daily rates are available for both indoor and outdoor venues. Contact us regarding your event.


We can create your final CD/album artwork, and even help with creating photos for your artwork or website if needed. We can also shoot "live performance" photos.